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ProductsJacquiThere are many types of aloe, but only a few species of aloe contain the miraculous healing properties, the most powerful being the Aloe Barbadensis Miller, (or Aloe Linnes or Aloe Vulgares), which is the plant used in all our aloe products.

We have a wonderful range of top quality health and beauty products to suit all - from children to teens to the elderly, those convalescing, sports people and those just wishing to improve and maintain great health and the way they look and feel.

We do a wonderful range of drinks and supplements and sports drinks, a great safe and effective weight management program, personal and care products - including lovely bath stuff, hair care, moisturisers, sun care products and a great deodorant which is free of aluminium salts and very gentle and effective and a great toothpaste which contains aloe vera and bee propolis, keeping the gums and teeth healthy, skin care and beauty products including makeup and perfume.

Aloe VeraBut if anyone were to ask what my favourite Forever product is, I would say that healing and good health begin on the inside and are complemented with what we put on the outside of our bodies, so for me it has to be our aloe vera drinking gel. Drinking a dose of this every morning on an empty stomach can give great health benefits.

My own experience is clearer, smoother, more radiant, softer skin and much improved digestion, better mobility, flexibility and performance in physical activity, eyes that are clearer and more moist, (my husband had to stop wearing his contact lenses, but after a couple of weeks of gel drinking finds them comfortable again), clearer mind and focus and higher energy levels.

How it works on improving our general health in short, is it helps thoroughly clean the digestive tract, therefore making the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in our food more effective. The blood then gets richer and carries all these precious nutrients around the whole body to all the other organs and tissues, positively impacting our health on so many levels and in so many ways. Our gel also contains its own nutrients including 19 of the 20 amino acids we need - 7 of those we cannot produce in the body and they have to be taken in our food.

Our drinking gel is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC), as a drinking gel- which means it has to be comprised of at least 85% inner leaf aloe vera gel. Ours is 97% aloe vera inner leaf gel. Most aloe vera juices available on market are only certified as a juice - which means they only have to be composed of 15% whole leaf aloe vera - which makes a huge difference in the quality and concentration of actual aloe vera inner leaf gel in the drink, which is why we believe that ours is the best!

We can afford to do this as we grow 50% of the world's aloe and we grow the plants organically and are there from the very beginning of the plant to getting it to you, so we can control the quality and make sure that when the product reaches you- it is of the highest standard. And we are so confident with the product that if you use it for 60 days and are not satisfied with it, you can return the empty containers with lids and receipts to us for a full refund!

Better digestion and nutrient absorption can reduce bloating and regulate metabolism and weight management.

But all our products are wonderful- please contact me for more details or click here.

Aloe Science CouncilKindest wishes
Jacqui Bunting

Phone 020  8504 1008 or 07771 505 575

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